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Dear Friends and Family,                                                                                                                                        

Happy Autumn!

This past Friday we had planned for our monthly event to go as we do every year on a hayride out to the huge sand dunes on a friend’s ranch for a barbecue and to play games in the sand. Our friend, Bill, who has been a tremendous supporter of the ministry here from the beginning, usually drives his truck and pulls everyone on a large trailer. However, due to a medical emergency with his wife, he had to cancel. Please remember her (well, both of them) in your prayers. They have been so incredibly kind and supportive in multiple ways to youth in our area.


The mother of one our leaders was told we had to cancel the event and because she has a ranch, welcomed us to come out to her place where she gave us a grand hayride in the sunset and ultimately under the gorgeous Harvest Moon across her property near Burton, Arizona. We all went back and had hamburgers, baked beans, potato salad, and chips at her lovely home (she gave us free reign of her kitchen, which was brave!). Following a delicious meal and some games, we went out on the porch and Carrie shared an excellent message on Jesus healing a deaf man in Mark 7. Having been involved in deaf ministry for years, this passage has always been close to her heart. She explained it with great enthusiasm, seeing some things in the text that only become apparent when having spent a lot of time among deaf people and culture. She was able to tie it into how Jesus can change the lives of our hearing teens here and now. 

On another exciting note, two of the teens who have been involved in our events and the Well, and one adult who has been involved in the Next Chapter, have been recently baptized!  We are thrilled to see God work and that He lets us take a small part in what He is doing.

The Well is continuing to move along, and lately we have been combining the jr high and high school students. We have been studying Revelation, which has been an adventure, and finished chapter 7 last night. The teens take part in discussion and frequently make some insightful comments. Oftentimes you aren’t sure that they are tracking you, and then they make a comment that blows your mind! I love when that happens.

The Next Chapter is also continuing to make its way through The Screwtape Letters in small increments. We cover a chapter each meeting and spend the majority of time talking about whatever comes up. There is some good and relevant discussion that springs from the reading. Two of the young people that have been coming are getting married this weekend! They have both been involved with the Well in the past. The soon-to-be bride has participated with Holbrook YFC and then Oasis for seven years. It has been a wonderful blessing watching her grow in the Lord over that time and to see the godly young woman she has come to be. The young man is a very intelligent and strong Christian, and we are thrilled to see them getting married. Please pray for them as they begin their new lives together!      

Please pray for the churches and ministries in Holbrook:

  • 2 churches are still searching for pastors- First Baptist Church and Peace Lutheran.
  • Mentoring moms ministry to grow and become a powerful tool in reaching teen and young moms in our area for Christ.
  • Bread of Life Mission homeless shelter will have its banquet at the beginning of October to help raise money to provide a place to stay and spiritual guidance for homeless people in our area.
  • Pray for our next event happening on October 20- our annual corn maze race and laser tag.

Thank you so much for your continued praying and giving, as this ministry would not be possible without your help! May God bless you!                 


—Jerad & Carrie Burgess